Are you driving traffic to your website with paid ads and SEO services…

But not seeing a positive Return On Investment?

Your website may be the issue!

Ryan van Buuren from Web Consultant Geek

Ryan van Buuren, Owner & Website Marketing Consultant

Client Reviews

Having a problem is only a part of the job, finding the solution or someone that can help make it happen is the other part. That is where Ryan from WebConsultantGeek came into the picture. He was our solution. With his professionalism and fast response, there was no question that he loves solving problems and has a huge amount of experience in what he does. He will be on more of our projects in the future!

PageFound Agency

Great communicator and quality workmanship. Delivered exactly what I wanted and more. I highly recommend Ryan and will definitely be using him again. Work with him you will not be disappointed

Mike Veldsman

Did a nice job with the website. Thanks


Outstanding Experience!

Chris Cheney

What can i say 10/10. Works hard. Great communication. Nothing to much trouble. Done a fantastic job, will def use again. Thank you


Awesome work and delivered fast.

P Willissr

This is The Man! Great work! On Time! This Guy is a professional and is compassionate about his work and delivers


Does Generating A Positive ROI From Your Website Seem Too Challenging?

Do you find it impossible to generate leads through your website?

Are you under enormous pressure to generate more revenue for your business?

Have you used the services of an agency or freelancer to design and develop your website, but it’s doing absolutely nothing for your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this isn’t your fault!

You’re Not Getting A Positive ROI Because Your Website Is Not Built To Get Targeted Leads!



Your website has, at the most, 15 SECONDS to pique your visitor’s interest, otherwise, you can kiss them goodbye, as they leave to visit your competitor.


70% of business websites fail due to bad user experience. If you get your website’s UX wrong, expect your visitors to leave very quickly.


Website visitors are put off by not knowing what to do on a website. Visitors are also put off by boring content that’s not engaging.


Your website needs to make a great first impression, speak to your target audience and answer their most important question… “What’s in it for me?”


81% of sales only happen after 7 or more interactions. You need a comprehensive website marketing strategy that generates your business targeted leads which will lead to sales.

Let me show you how I can help you build a website that can start generating your business targeted leads.

You’ve Tried Everything,
But Struggling To Get Any Results

Created a website to build trust with your potential client/customer.

Changed your web copy over and over again.

Used paid ads or SEO services to drive visitors to your products and/or services.

Made several tweaks to your website landing pages, and ran test after test.

What You Need Is A Super Powerful Lead Generating Machine!

That will turn your website visitors into leads…

Make them lifetime clients/customers…

And generate revenue for your business consistently.

And that’s where I come in!

I help established small to medium businesses build a website with a comprehensive marketing strategy that’ll have your competitors begging you for mercy.

My Comprehensive Website Marketing Strategy

RESEARCH your target client/customer EXTENSIVELY

It’s important to understand what your clients/customers’ needs are, and then help them fulfil that need.

Put all the research together to build your business a SUPER POWERFUL website

Together we will build a website that will start turning your website visitors into targeted leads.

Create a POTENT and AUTOMATED marketing system to start generating revenue

Having a powerful lead machine is only half of the solution. To generate revenue from your website you need a strategic system that follows up on the leads.


By implementing advanced analytical tools, we can see what’s working and what’s not working and then modify it accordingly. This creates a machine that just keeps getting better and better, generating more and more revenue!

Interested to find out exactly how I can help you and your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum starting budget required to work with you?

The minimum starting budget required is US$650.00 / ZAR10,000.00. For this price, you are looking at a website with 1 to 3-pages and my complete comprehensive marketing strategy.

The more customisation, functionality and pages you need, the more budget you’ll require.

Let me explain why I charge what I do…

With what I am offering, my service is one of the most affordable out there. If you find someone who is much more affordable than me, I can almost guarantee you that you’re not getting a complete and comprehensive lead-generating website that helps you turn targeted leads into revenue for your business. If you are, then be glad you found that person.

My promise to you is this… I’m not just going to build you a website and then leave you to it, hoping that you get targeted leads. I am going to be with you each step of the way while your website starts generating targeted leads. I am then going to help you generate revenue from those targeted leads. And I’ll still be with you after that :-). You and your business are my priority.

If you just want a website that does absolutely nothing for your business, then I would rather tell you to save your money, and show you how to purchase a template and just add your own content and images to it. Or you can watch my YouTube Channel where I make tutorials on how to build websites.

If you are truly serious about generating revenue from your website, and you fully understand that a website is an important tool in your marketing strategy, then you and I are the right fit for one another.

In order to get a quote, please book a free call with me here, so we can discuss your requirements.

What if I want to work with you but don't have the minimum starting budget required?

You are more than welcome to send me an email, and I can see if I can help you. Please include information about what you require, and what your budget is.

What do your services include?

When you work with me, you will get the following:


  1. Custom built responsive website with two home/landing pages for A/B  split testing.
  2. Copywriting assistance on the content you provide for the website and marketing campaign.
  3. Optimisation for all images/videos you provide.
  4. Website speed optimisation.
  5. On-page SEO optimisation.
  6. Integration of all lead generation and analytics software/plugins.
  7. After completion of the project, for the next 3 months, I will study the analytics of the website, and modify it where necessary. You also get free monthly strategy calls (one per month) to discuss the analytics and modifications.

What tools/platforms do you use?

In order for me to be an effective website marketing consultant, I do not build websites from the ground up and use certain platforms/plugins to make the process much quicker and more affordable. (I can build websites from scratch if that’s what you need, but then expect to pay double my normal costs.)

For the website build, I use the WordPress platform and Divi Theme. WordPress and Divi make it easy to integrate all the other tools and analytics required to make your website a lead generating machine.

Other tools I use are as follows:

  • *MailerLite to collect leads for email marketing campaigns.
  • *Heatmap technology to understand the behaviour of your website visitors.
  • Google Analytics to study how your website is performing.

*These services are free of charge until a point, whereafter you may need to upgrade and purchase one of their plans.

What do you require from me before starting a project?

Below is a list of requirements I need in order to start a project:

  1. Content for all pages.
  2. Media (images and video) for all pages.
  3. Domain name and hosting details, if WordPress is not yet installed.
  4. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total project cost. Please note that the project will only start once the funds have reflected in my account.

Please note that I can start the project without the items mentioned in points 1 and 2 above.

If you need assistance with points 1 – 3 above, please let me know and I can assist you.

What are your payment terms?

All projects are handled on the following strict terms:

  • A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total project cost is payable before the start of the project.
  • Non-refundable payment of 50% of the total project cost on completion of the website and automated marketing system.
  • The balance of 20% is payable as soon as your website starts generating leads.

If for any reason the website does not produce any leads from the traffic sent, I will waive the last payment of 20%.