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You have less than 3 seconds to pique your site visitors interest, otherwise they are off to your competitor. Can YOU afford to lose potential customers or clients to your competitor. If you can, then you don’t need me.

If you can’t afford to lose potential customers and clients to your competitors, then I can help you.

Most small business owners hire a WordPress designer and developer to get a website up and running, put a contact form up and think that is all they need to have a successful WordPress website. But that,  unfortunately, is not the case.

Contact forms convert at an average of 3%, and are ranked as the lowest converting form type.

You can send thousands of visitors to your website, but if your site is not designed to turn a visitor into a lead, then your website is letting you down entirely.

Your website can be a lead generating machine, turning visitors into leads.

What do you do with leads your website generates?

You can start generating revenue from them by sending them valuable information or guides, and then promoting your products or services to them.

This is how you turn a cold visitor (someone who does not know your company) into a HOT LEAD (someone that’s willing to spend money with you time and time again).

Turning your website visitors into leads is so valuable to your business, because it gives you the opportunity to nurture your leads into long time paying customers.

It’s easier than you think, and I am here to help you every step of the way.

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Make Consistent Revenue

I’m sure you have heard the saying… “if you build it, they will come.” If only that were true for websites.

As a small business owner, your main goal is to make money. You have been told you need a website, and it most likely cost you a few thousand, but think to yourself… Are you getting a return on the investment you laid out for your website? Many business owners DON’T.

A website is an investment, and it should be making consistent sales for you. To make more consistent sales, you must provide quality, original and informative content.

By providing such content, you will attract your ideal visitor. By having a professional, well-structured website, you will turn these visitors into leads. And by having leads, you can nurture them into longtime paying customers, generating you revenue month after month.

Many business owners think just putting up a website will automatically generate sales… But that is like going to the grocery store, buying the ingredients for a meal, and hoping that when you get home the meal is already cooked, or will cook itself.

There is a precise method to generating consistent sales from your site, and you won’t do it by just having a website designed and developed with a contact form.

If you want your website to start generating consistent revenue, then get a no obligation instant quote.

Gather Important Data

So now you know it’s important for your WordPress website to turn your visitors into leads. But it is equally important to track these visitors which turn into leads, and you do this by collecting data about their actions and behaviour. This is a must for your website and marketing strategy.

The importance of website data is often overlooked by small business owners, so if you are collecting data, you are way ahead of your competitors.

By gathering data, you can constantly improve your WordPress website, which in turn will help you generate more consistent sales.

When using traditional marketing strategies, it makes it harder to track the performance of your marketing campaign. With tracking tools available for WordPress websites, you can collect important data such as:

  • Conversion rates.
  • Do your visitors and leads use a desktop computer or mobile device.
  • The demographics of your visitors and leads.
  • Which country, province or city are your visitors and leads based in.
  • Which pages of your website are your visitors and leads interested in.
  • How long do your visitors stay on your website.

With a WordPress website, you can have the above information plus more in the backend of your dashboard.

Do you know your website data? Just IMAGINE how your business can grow when you have so much important data at your fingertips.

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What Previous Clients Have Said…

“Nice job with the website. Thanks.”

F. Arquhan

“This is the man! Great Work! On Time!
This Guy is a professional and is compassionate about his work and delivers.”

Mr Faithman

“Outstanding experience!”

Chris Chesney

“What can I say 10/10. Works hard great communication. Nothing to much trouble. Done a fantastic job. Will def use again thank you.”


“Awesome work and delivered fast.”

P Willissr

What You Get When I Build Your WordPress Website…

Professional, Well-structured and Engaging WordPress Website Pages

You WordPress website will be designed and developed professionally so it is eye-catching to your visitors.

Great User Experience

Not only do users land on a professional, good looking website, but they get a great experience once landing on your website. This leads the visitor to take your desired action to turn them into a lead.

Responsive Website Design

Your website will look amazing on smaller screen sizes, so your visitors won’t click away to go to your competitors website.

Effective and Well Positioned Call to Actions

Your call-to-actions have to make your visitor click on them to turn them into a lead. Offering something of value and having a great call to action, will have your conversions sky-rocketing.

Email Service Provider Integration

Once you visitor fills in the lead form and clicks the call-to-action button, you need an email service provider to manage these leads. You can then easily stay in contact with your leads, sending them valuable information and promotions at a click of a button.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Heatmap Setup

Collecting data is one of the most important things you need to do to be able to make consistent sales. By knowing your visitor’s, demographics, actions and behaviour, you can easily improve your website to make even more sales.

Current Projects…

Current Projects…

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