About Ryan van Buuren

I’m an enthusiastic website marketing consultant, web designer and developer. I live in beautiful South Africa, but enjoy working with people and businesses around the globe.

From my high school days, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur or a professional soccer (football) player… And you’re not seeing me playing for Liverpool, so I went with the entrepreneur option. 🙂

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and with me wanting to go the entrepreneurial route, I knew I would need a website. So way back around 2001, I built my first website using only HTML, for my first info product business. That’s when I discovered I had a passion for coding and designing.


Ryan the Liverpool supporter.
Ryan , website developer and designer

A few years later, I discovered blogging and thought about starting my own blog, and that’s when I first heard about WordPress.

I then started designing websites on WordPress, and really did not need to have any coding skills. However as time moved on, and I took my web design business more seriously, I decided I needed to learn more about different coding languages… and marketing!

I’ve taken many courses on coding languages, website design and development, as well as digital marketing, and during this time I’ve gained the knowledge to help small to medium businesses with their website marketing strategy.

With the knowledge I’ve gained over the past few years, I know now more than ever before, how important it is to have a marketing strategy for your website.

Gone are the days of just having a website to build trust or have a presence on the web. Your website can be so much more than that. With all the advancements in social media and online marketing, it’s critical that your website works for you and your business, or you’ll be left behind in the dust.

Interested to find out exactly how I can help you and your business?