About Me…

Ryan van Buuren

Owner, Freelance WordPress Website Developer and Designer

I started WebConsultantGeek.com back in 2014, to offer small businesses a way of getting a WordPress website online at a reasonable price. This is when I found out that designing and developing WordPress websites, as well as helping people in their business, is my my passion.

Back then I was just building websites, but these websites had no end goal in mind. I started learning more about digital marketing, and this is how I came to find out how powerful a website can be for small business owners.

That is when I decided to design and develop WordPress websites that offer more then just being a brochure for your business.

Over the last 5 years I have sharpened my skills and knowledge in WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I ensure that I stay up to date with the latest trends in web design and development.

I also have a passion for digital marketing, which I am constantly learning, and will be offering this as an additional service soon.

Outside of WordPress design and development, I am a family man and love spending time with my wife and daughter. I love socializing with family and friends around a braai (barbeque), and enjoy sports, whether participating or watching on the television.

My Guarantee…

My guarantee is to help you reach your intended goals with your business website.

I do this by creating professional, great looking WordPress websites, that will guide your website visitor to take the necessary action in order for your business to reach its desired goal. This could be:

  • turning a website visitor into a lead for future marketing campaigns.
  • guiding a website visitor to schedule an appointment.
  • making a website visitor purchase your product(s).
  • showing a website visitor your portfolio and/or services, leading them to purchase your service.

You have my guarantee that I will stay dedicated to you and your business. I will  be there until your website has reached the goal you desire, and way after that. I do not take this guarantee lightly.

I want to build a long lasting relationship with you, so I ensure that I am available before, during and after the design and development process.

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Make Consistent Revenue

I’m sure you have heard the saying… “if you build it, they will come.” If only that were true for websites.

As a small business owner, your main goal is to make money. You have been told you need a website, and it most likely cost you a few thousand, but think to yourself… Are you getting a return on the investment you laid out for your website? Many business owners DON’T.

A website is an investment, and it should be making consistent sales for you. To make more consistent sales, you must provide quality, original and informative content.

By providing such content, you will attract your ideal visitor. By having a professional, well-structured website, you will turn these visitors into leads. And by having leads, you can nurture them into longtime paying customers, generating you revenue month after month.

Many business owners think just putting up a website will automatically generate sales… But that is like going to the grocery store, buying the ingredients for a meal, and hoping that when you get home the meal is already cooked, or will cook itself.

There is a precise method to generating consistent sales from your site, and you won’t do it by just having a website designed and developed with a contact form.

If you want your website to start generating consistent revenue, then get a no obligation instant quote.

Gather Important Data

So now you know it’s important for your WordPress website to turn your visitors into leads. But it is equally important to track these visitors which turn into leads, and you do this by collecting data about their actions and behaviour. This is a must for your website and marketing strategy.

The importance of website data is often overlooked by small business owners, so if you are collecting data, you are way ahead of your competitors.

By gathering data, you can constantly improve your WordPress website, which in turn will help you generate more consistent sales.

When using traditional marketing strategies, it makes it harder to track the performance of your marketing campaign. With tracking tools available for WordPress websites, you can collect important data such as:

  • Conversion rates.
  • Do your visitors and leads use a desktop computer or mobile device.
  • The demographics of your visitors and leads.
  • Which country, province or city are your visitors and leads based in.
  • Which pages of your website are your visitors and leads interested in.
  • How long do your visitors stay on your website.

With a WordPress website, you can have the above information plus more in the backend of your dashboard.

Do you know your website data? Just IMAGINE how your business can grow when you have so much important data at your fingertips.

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